1. A

    dealing with the smell

    so i have looked around a bit and have yet to really find a thread dedicated to dealing with the smell of used diapers, so i'll post what i have learned here and hopefully some new ideas will come up. so far the best solution i have found for containing the smell of used diapers is a military...
  2. crinklecoon

    Best Hiding Spots

    What has been the weirdest or the most creative hiding spots (for anything really not just diapers and stuff) that you've ever heard of, seen, or used yourself. The best ones i've heard of is inside the back of an old TV or in a computer (the big half of a home computer) and the ones i've used...
  3. ArtikSnow

    Complete Diaper Guide By TailsZelin

    Complete Diaper Guide: Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about...
  4. Wegs

    Folder Hiding

    Want to have stuff on your computer that you don't want your parents to see? If so, read on. This is a tutorial on hiding folders. This tutorial will tell you how to hide folders in 2 different ways. 1st Option: This will make folders hidden and unclickable until you unhide it. Step 1-Create...
  5. paciboy

    Diapers and college?

    im gunna be goin to college this fall and i was wonderin how i would be able to pull off wearin diapers. I would imagine that there would be a lack of privacy in the dorms and such. Is there anyone currently boarding at college who wear and use diapers almost every day that can help me? I just...