1. Sweethoney

    Hidden little

    Anyone else hate having to hide that they like ageplay or is it just me. I wish people could be more open about the things that they like. I mean is me wearing a dipper or using a pacifier really going to hurt anyone one. I would love to find some friends to talk to about things like this.
  2. P

    just for fun..

    if you need to hide your "stach" how would you do so? personally i made a hidden shelf under my dresser, and a secret compartment in a drawer any ideas, things you have done, want to do list em here!
  3. M

    Wearing for a no-break job

    So, I'm considering working at the upcoming fair (I won't say which one) as a games attendant to make a few extra bucks while I'm still looking for a real job in my career field. The problem is that you can be stuck in the same game booth without help sometimes for a long time. If you gotta go...
  4. H

    Well 'Ello~

    Hello ADISC. I have joined you lovely people on this lovely evening simply because I want to know more about you. I have a very close friend on here who likes diapers, and I found his liking rather interesting. I hope that you won't shun me because I have no relationship with diapers- I simply...