1. LilChippers

    Hi! I'm Chippers

    Ciao, everybody! I go by Chippers, I'm a 32 yo "little" who is into school (Music and Technology major), music production, stuffies, cartoons, video games, hiking, diapers, sippies, the list goes on and I love chatting about it :) I'm looking to make friends and make connections. Happy fall...
  2. B

    hello all :-)

    hi everyone, i hope your all well. I am fan of all sorts of music, enjoy socializing, having a laugh, real ales, reading murder mysteries, and a huge fan of buffy the vampire slayer. For as long as I can remember i have had an interest in nappies and started wearing them when i was 13ish. when...
  3. A


    Hi! I´m a 18 year old male who just finished school and will be going to university next term. I´m very open minded and rather clingy (in a good way) especially towards my friends. I think the reason why I´m here is rather obvious :sweatdrop: and to be as discrete as possible you can figure out...
  4. notarealname


    NOTAREALNAME, here! Uhhh... yeah IM A TB/DL! and i am very entergetic, and AWESOME! I like to play Video Games on my laptop (steam). I have 3 problems: 1. No diapers EVAH! 2. No one to talk to.... 3. No one knows. 4. my friends are douchebags. 5. I cant count. So, yeah. Thats it.
  5. B

    I Be New :)

    Bonsoir! Im Danny, im 18, and live in scotland! im a tb/dl and have been for about 4-5 years! Erm, anything else anyone wants to know, ask!! :) Oh Yeh, forgot, i enjoy riding motorbikes, sleeping, and being a tb/dl in my spare time!!