hi there

  1. M

    Hello there~

    Hi, everyone! I found this site looking for some information - not for myself so much as for my boyfriend. I'm not sure if he's an AB or anything, but I know he has some regressive tendencies, and I want to make sure to be supportive if he regresses more, so I'd really like it if anyone could...
  2. S

    Hello there everyone.

    Hello, my name is Spacecardswell, and it's good to see you all. How are you doing today?
  3. B

    High from the new guy

    Hello to you various people out there. I've been observing the adult baby and diaper lover community from a far. I'm also into into the diaper fur and babyfur scene. I've largely kept myself but I felt that it was time to test the waters so to speak and try to interacts with others online in the...
  4. FittedForME

    Good evening.

    Good evening, everyone. My name is Jesse, but you can call me Jess if you'd prefer. I don't really know what to say about myself, as I've never been one for introductions. Well, I suppose I should start with the basics; I'm 19 and I live in Ohio(that's as specific as I'm going). I'm a Diaper...