1. emii


    Heya! I'll make my intro now, but I'm mainly lurking. You can call me emii, I'm 23, from Scotland, UK. This place has helped me recently and in the past, so when the site started asking me to sign up before reading more threads, I figured I owed you guys that much! If you'll have me, I'd like...
  2. E


    Hello I am a girl, I love to run and read. I ski, I am a nurse. I own my own business and love life. I am new to the community and have lots of feelings surrounding this. So. It's nice to get the opportunity to say hey and "meet" you all!! *i was going to include a pic... But can't figure...
  3. Lupan

    Hey :D

    Hey as you can guess am new to this place (even though I usually come to read threads :)) I am a Babyfur and been so for about 6 years and quite open about my furriness (not babiness however) I just want to keep this short and sweer and want to say hi and great to be here :) P.S. am a smiley...