1. Jessicamom

    New mom here.

    Hi. I’m new here. Not sure if I am even allowed on here. You see I am here looking for help, support, guidance for my son. He is only 13 is why I don’t know if it’s ok to be on here. He has been a bed wetter his entire life. We have tried pull-ups off and on but they leaked so we always went...
  2. RikaRenamon

    Hey Any reawwy good what furry are you quizzes out there?

    Okay like the title says I want to know if anyone knows any reawwy good furry quizzes out there to find out what you are.
  3. D

    Hello again naturally

    Well I'm back, by popular demand its me Doodle. some of you know me by the nick of doodlewolfdude on aidsc's irc channel. i have been around this particular community since late 2004. I mainly came back because I feel as though I can help people again. I am always more than willing to answer or...