1. Nappylover145

    Clothing and diapers

    Hey! I was thinking about this and I want to start wearing more around the house (like Iv previously mentioned I still live at home with my parents I’m 19) so wearing around them is difficult as I don’t really have anything that could conceal my nappy (I love clothes and fashion it’s what makes...
  2. Nappylover145

    Advice on first time buying abdl diapers

    Hi! I’ve been a dl for a few years and I really wanting to invest into some proper Abdl nappies, I’m 19 female and still live at home with my parents so I’m really nervous about ordering nappies online, I want to order some Abu diapers (preferably bunny hops or kiddo I can’t decide haha) I’m...
  3. MidnightSapphire

    I need Help

    Okay so I would like some help, I'm trying to find some cheap adult Medical diapers that are simlar to the 1999 Barney Luvs?
  4. U

    Got my first Diapers!!!

    I think they are a little big but it’s ok, I only bought a sample pack with two so in case I don’t like it it wouldn’t be a huge waste. Is there a way to make them quiet? I live with my mother and I would like her not to know about it.
  5. PaddedArtist90

    Car Drama!

    I'm having a little drama with my car right now, basically I changed the valve cover gasket not that long ago & my particular engine is notorious for leaking from the oil cooler housing underneath my exhaust manifold. I don't have the money or time to A. take it to the garage or B. do it all...