help caught found out

  1. I

    Help on how ta explain ta my parents that im inta crossdressing?

    I went ta the mall and bought 2 pairs a girl's shirts last week and my parents yelled at me for getting a girl's shirt. Saying "You DO know this is a girl's shirt, right?! It's specifically cut for girls! You're NOT SUPPOSED to wear girl's clothes!!!! DONT EVER get girl's clothes again!" :"{ Any...
  2. Macaroni

    HELP!!! Caught with diapers -_-

    Damn my hatred for chores :[ I woke up this morning and took my trash out, because it is trash day, that included some diapers. I came back in and was about to shower when my dad came in and asked for my trash so he could take it out. I told him I had already taken it out and he left...