1. J

    hi do you want to be friends

    im a shy 25 adultbaby or maybe little from Lansing Illinois. i like toys, cartoons, candy, and anything cute. i love paci i have three i like though i only ever bought three so yeah oh i also have one adult size baby bottle. i have worn diapers before both cloth and disposable ive even made my...
  2. B

    Hello I'm BabaBunny

    I'm just a silly bunny with a silly affliction. I'm a professional who has many many many hobbies and interests. In fact I've not only done a bunch of stuff. I got so good at it that I started teaching people. I've been in a commercial, I've done several interviews for TV and I even belong to...
  3. Kyatto

    Hey :)

    Heya all, I'm newish to this site, don't really know what to say so i'll just give you basic info :P My names Chris, i'm 18 years old. I'm an : DL/Littlefur Don't really know what else to say but if you have any questions or just wanna chat, send me a message :D
  4. N


    Hello. Just wanted to stay I have Crohns (a gastro-instestinal disorder). I have worn diapers for decades. I just discovered this site. And, I think wearing a diaper is normal. Hi to all you normal people. I particularly like cloth diapers and vinyl pants. Anyone else have Crohns...
  5. B


    Im just a small time girl liviing in a lonely world. born and raised in south detroit. well that bit was a lie i was born in england, worcester. But the rest feels appropiate. Love ya all Rebecca.xx
  6. DustMite


    Hai. I'm Twiggy. I'm new here. I'm a bit shy though. I feel sort of awkward... ;>_> Someone help me plz!! ;A; :sweatdrop: