hello everyone

  1. C

    Hello! I'm new here!

    Hello everyone, as it may seems obvious, I'm new here, you all can call me JumJum, I'm going to be honest, I was a lurker here before joining, I'm not an AB/DL, incotinent or anything related, so, that's why I didn't join before, but I'm a very supportive and open minded person, I didn't know...
  2. SoggyToddler

    Hello, I'm Max!

    Hello, my name is Maxwell, or Max. I am currently 21 years old, I turned 21 in July. I'm a keto bab, and I love tennis, and bowling. When I'm home, I either draw, sing, cook, or cuddle! I dabble in some animation, but not enough to be known as an animator. Also my favorite color is...
  3. G

    What Up!

    So I have been checking out these forums for a long time now but recently decided it was time to make an account. Im in my late 20’s, live in Texas with my amazing fiancé, and teach HS science. I guess I have known that I have always had an interest in diapers as some of my earliest memories...
  4. M

    introducing myself!

    Why hello everyone!! I am currently a NEW USER to this websitr. I've been reading posts from this website for almost a year now an finally round up the courage to become a Adisc member! :) So first things first... I'm mountaineerdl, I am 24 years of age! (i will reveal my name eventually...
  5. tena1969

    hi all

    hello everybody im new here and hope tu meet new friends i will see what happens next i am an diaperlover from switzerland
  6. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone :hug: I have been involved in the Ab/DL community for around 20 years. Being a Diaper Lover, my Little self :cloud9: & an Adult Mummy for abies :paci: & sissygirls :sissy: in real life. Over the years I have been able to explore & discover many facets of my inner self, coming to...
  7. B

    hello all :-)

    hi everyone, i hope your all well. I am fan of all sorts of music, enjoy socializing, having a laugh, real ales, reading murder mysteries, and a huge fan of buffy the vampire slayer. For as long as I can remember i have had an interest in nappies and started wearing them when i was 13ish. when...
  8. P

    hello everyone

    I'm a dl, I'm new to this site idk anyone hear. But I am hoping to meet new people and make friends.
  9. EvanNibbler

    Hallo evry1!

    Hey ADISC! I'm Evan and i have been snooping around the site for a year or few and finally decided to get an account. I play some Lacrosse, golf, and a little, itsi-bitsi amount of tennis (both of the table and full-court species). I enjoy drawing, graphics design, 3D Modelling (preferred...