hello :d new to this

  1. L

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new here. I'm 19 years old, and a little. Heh, I've been staring at this post for awhile now, writing and re-writing, and I'm having trouble finding the words to express how I feel. I've never told anyone about the little side of me before. I've only just now come to terms with it myself...
  2. 2


    Hello I'm jacob! I am interested diapers and came across this amazing site. I also am interested in cars and gaming. I hope to meet some amazing people with common interests. Thank you for reading :D bye
  3. chesterlad


    Hey all just joined here, thought I would say hey and introduce myself :)
  4. BabyRay

    My Introduction

    Hello! people from adisc. I'm Mexican, I have good notes at school, and like playing video games, including Zelda. I love anime like: Dragon Ball, Naruto and Pokemon. I'm here because I want to wear diapers, and in te night i always sleep with my paci. Actually, I'm sucking on it right...
  5. Y

    Back to the forum and back in my Bambinos

    My first post here, hope I haven't screwed it up.
  6. L

    Just wanted to say Hi

    Hello, I am new hear and just wated to say hi and let u know it a little about me. I'm easy going enjoy a laff sum say a little weird but in a good way. What ever that means:confused: I am quiet and can be a liitle shy at times. I have felt the need to wear nappies and wated to regress back to...
  7. B

    Hello :D

    Hi, my name is Alex, and I'm new to this site, and as seeing as it would be nice to make dl friends, I figured I should post a thingy here :). Anyways, lemme tell you alittle about myself, I have a job, McDonalds, I play lots of games :D, and I like diapers of course :P. I'm a fun person if you...