hello and hi

  1. G

    Hey Everyone

    1) Hello! Who are you? Hey there ADISC community. After looking at the site from time to time when I was needing advice or wanted a hot take on the latest products, I have now joined, and I'm looking forward to be being part of and contributing to the community here. This is my first footprint...
  2. littleBabyJojo

    Hi there!

    I'm Jojo! I'm an ABDL and I don't know what to say! :dunno:
  3. B


    Hi there. From the title, i guess you all can know that im new here. So here goes my intro :) p.s. - Sorry for my imperfect English - Yeah this is the introduction cheat sheet XP 1) Hello! Who are you? Im a media student. Kind of an introvert. Not too sure what to say here. I answer...
  4. C

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, adisc people.

    Hey there. My name's Comett. I'm kind of new to the whole internet forum thing so try to bear with me. I was born and raised in Queensland, Australia, and I live with my parents (but I have a lock on my door so it's really like living alone only in a very small house, with my parents as my...