1. Z

    Special Needs

    I have special needs (autisum) but because of it i require to wear a nappy(diaper) 24/7 im smart but sadly due to medical resons i wear one does anyone else have this also whenever i go on holiday airport security make me take it off and then put on their one what is way too small sometimes way...
  2. Sheepies

    Does using a paci mess up your teeth?

    Hi! New to this whole thing... just got my first paci 4 days ago and loving it, but oh my gosh does it hurt when used too much. Have a Nuk 18-36m size, don't know the sizes yet, does anyone know that it is? Anywho, I'm one to suffer from severe anxiety and have lately been really worried if...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Regards to going to the Gym

    So, how many of you people and how often do you workout at your local gymnasium? I pretty much go to Gold's Gym as often as I can, because I'm a member. I usually drink two cups of green tea 30-60 minutes before workout and I do at least 30 mins of moderate-intensity workout plus two minutes...
  4. N

    Concerned Diapers are causing problems :/

    Okay first of all sorry for posting such a private topic but its been stuck on my mind worrying me for too long now. :/ Previously I wore diapers 24/7 for months on end. I used to always be able to get an erection normally before i started wearing them but now im finding that i can only really...
  5. MilesTFBaxxter

    The effects of baby food

    One of my favourite infantilist fantasies, something I'd love to get to experience one day, is to eat nothing but baby food for an extended period of time - perhaps for a week, maybe two weeks. But I'm curious, what effects would this have? What I'm hoping is that it would lead to softer bowel...
  6. E

    Great news if you're American

    As I'm sure all us Americans are well aware of, we've been the butt of the world's fat jokes for quite awhile now. Well, great news! We're no longer the fattest country in the world! That title now belongs to Australia who managed to beat our 25% obesity rate by 1%. Australia World's Most Obese...