1. nightfox320

    How Should I Feel?!?

    So I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I feel as though I need to vent or else I'm going to explode. I want to preface this post by saying I don't want pity or anyone to think this is a woe is me tale, I'm just ranting because I literally have no one close to talk to...
  2. littlejoanne

    Hello, my name is 'ashamed'

    At first I want to apologize about my english since it is not my native language. I feel ashamed. When the little part inside me comes to light, all I can feel is a pure shame. Deep shame, helplessness and quandary. The simple but strong desire: "I wish you were not there." is haunting me...
  3. jter42

    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    Hey I just wanted to ask, Anybody know any tricks to cut down on the number of wet nights you have? I'm really trying to start becoming more proactive at ending my bed-wetting problem. It's come back as of a few months ago due to stress, and it's driving me mad. I'm up to about 4/7 wet nights a...
  4. Slut

    Things you can't stand :pizza:

    So, what do you find unbearable? Shoes on a bed, couch, clothes, anything that isn't the immediate floor. Ugh, and the table, too. When people mispronounce things when they know damn well how to. That Gangam Style song. When Bob Dylan whips out his harmonica. Uck. When people cry wicked...
  5. kratox

    Has the hate diminished a lot?

    Well I have noticed that ever since I first became a furry a lot of rude things have been said, but since like the past summer it has become old news now. It seems that when the bronies came along all the haters went over to hating on them. Does anyone else feel the same? It just shows to me...