1. G

    Updating computer hardware on a limited budget

    Good morning! I want to mention before I start that I am aware there are perhaps more appropriate forums to post this particular question on, but I feel a stronger connection to this community and feel this is a more supportive and less judgmental one. So here it goes. I am currently a student...
  2. Mesmerale

    Primary: Computer Information and Tutorial // Sub: How to build a computer

    So, as this thing says, I need a little help. I know that there's the "Building a Computer" thread by the late DarkSunDS, but I found myself asking over and over again as I read. "What's that thing do?" "What does that mean?" "What???" So I decided to make this thread, which I hope will...
  3. Fire2box

    New Video Card and PSU

    Well I just installed my new video card. Its a Nvidia 8800 GT with 512 MB of RAM and its "super clocked". I just ran Doom 3 maxed out, HL2:EP2 maxed out. All my games are able to be maxed out at 1280x1024 res and its not even really slowing down the 8800 or my 2.2Ghz processor. So anyways I...