1. SicartheaSpikefan

    What are some of your ABDL fantasies

    I know there have been threads like this in the past, but most of them seem to be closed. So tell us Who would your ideal mate/mates be and what would they be like. What would you be like. (Age, clothes, mood, what ever is needed to explain the senerio.) What senerio's would you be in.
  2. Mittens

    Losing contact with your inner child

    For some time now, I have been having a struggle to keep myself happy. And I feel like I know what I want, like I know what will make me happy. The thought is there, but when I follow through it isn't as great as I expected. I hold my expectations too high. I'm confused, and I've been...
  3. Charlie

    The little things

    It's the little things that make life worth living. What are, in your opinion, those 'little things'? The evening air? Clouds that look like stuff? A smile from a stranger? Waking up early, only to find that you can roll over and sleep more? I thought I'd make a nice thread, to see what...