1. betagame

    How many pounds of Halloween candy do you have? or think you have.

    I wonder how many pounds you have.
  2. betagame

    Show Us Your Halloween Candy![pics included] [may slow down internet connection]

    The Requirements: take the most high resolution picture you can take of all your Halloween candy, if you don't have a digital camera and only a cheep webcam take a bunch of pictures with the highest resolution. any other questions feel free to ask or PM me. What to do, Take out your Halloween...
  3. James

    Trick or treat

    oWell recently i have been invited by 2 of my friends to go trick or treating tommorrow. My dad insists that i am too old for it says the only reason im going is to get into mischief So im asking you guys do you think it would be weird to see some one my age go trick or treating? Do you think...