1. Dolphin

    Anyone going Trick or Treating tonight to celebrate Halloween?

    Hi all, I was wondering who was going Trick or Treating tonight, and if so, what costume you would be dressing up with. I have an awesome PAW Patrol costume (Marshall), but I'm still trying to work up the nerve of going out being an adult (earlies 20's). Any thoughts or tips from those who...
  2. Mariofan64

    Halloween costumes 👻 🎃 and.... GO

    What are you going as? What was your most memorable or embarrassing/racy costume? Best/worst Halloween story? Let’s hear it you little monsters!!
  3. Angellothefox

    Halloween going trick and treeting poll

    I honestly do not know where to put this It is not a story so Story thread is out of the question. And it is not too much of a RP so? :dunno: Here is a made up senerio. You are 7 years old and you went trick o treating with 3 other kids all younger then you. You had your favorite costume on...
  4. Hiraeth

    Halloween Movies!

    Hi everyone, I have watched these forums for a long time now and just decided to finally join! So here is my first post: Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. In fact, that eerie energy that October seems to bring as the weather begins to shift in the deciduous regions of the world...
  5. Angellothefox

    Halloween is coming is it exeptable to be a abdl?

    One Halloween has gone please lock this thread. Thank you So halloween is upon us and is coming up. This is a perfect time to awsre the door in your big onesie or diaper with the excuse of this is my Halloween costume.:thumbsup: But would that be the case? is it exeptable to be a abdl at...
  6. G

    Wearing in public for halloween and comic con

    Thinking of going to halloween and or comic con as a a baby, with all the sort of things like diaper, plastic pants, bib, bottle, etc is this a good or bad idea?
  7. dogboy

    Finished The House at the End of the Road, part II

    The House at the End of the Road, Part II Chapter 9: The Dark Intruder The attic was dark with only the light of the late October moon shining through the windows, but that wasn’t entirely true. There were two small orbs of light dancing across the floor. Running would be more accurate as they...
  8. dogboy

    Finished The House at the End of the Road

    I finally finished writing my almost annual Halloween contribution to the story forum. I apologize for the length, but stories have a way of wanting to tell themselves, as if they truly exist in some other plain. This story involves diapers, forced regression and unwilling domination. If you...
  9. dogboy

    Finished Werewolf

    I wrote "Werewolf" several years ago for this site. Since that time, the story forum was reformatted and the older stories removed. A friend on this site asked if I would re-post it so here it is. It has also been on Nook Book and it remained for two years on their front advertising page with...
  10. dogboy

    Finished Coffee Stop

    I wrote "Coffee Stop" three years ago for this site and I thought I'd re-post it since all the old stories were removed. I usually submit a scary story for Halloween. I've been working on a new story, but that got back burnered when my wife went into the hospital. I had hoped to get it finished...
  11. defectivelyhappy

    Halloween Costumes for 2014???

    What are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween? Maybe you can spark some ideas for myself?
  12. crinklecoon

    Halloween Costumes

    What are some good costumes that will hide a M4? And not a baby costume.
  13. L


    i know it's about 4 months away from halloween but i was just thought i'd maybe share some experiences with previous halloweens. for instance, one year, my friend and i went trick or treating in my neighborhood, i was dressed up as a soldier and my friend went as a zombie, it was pretty funny...
  14. dogboy

    Finished The Un-training of Stanley kaminski

    For the past several years, I have written my annual Halloween story, this past year having been the exception as I was finishing my novel. I want to thank Moo for keeping the story forum in tact. Deleting the vast amount of past stories was my suggestion, so I have no complaints. As promised...
  15. P

    Baby Boy for Halloween costume?

    Myself & friends have yearly Halloween parties, and there's always a theme to the costumes. This year we're going with most risky costume. I decided to possibly go with being a baby, but once I got everything and tried it on I'm wondering if it gives off the 'risky' look or just a WTH look. XD...
  16. babymeggy

    October 31st 2013...The Curse Of Old Hallows Eve. NOT ABDL RELATED

    2 things before i begin the first chapter. 1)i know it is not yet Halloween but i want it to be all finished BY Halloween. and if i did it all on the day id spend 24 hours on my laptop writing it out. 2) this story has absolutely nothing to do with nappies or adult babies or anything like...
  17. tkuk

    What are you doing for Halloween tonight? :)

    So, it's the 31st October which means only one thing. HALLOWEEN!! :) What are the great people of ADISC planning on doing tonight? Are you going trick or treating? Are you going to a Halloween party? Or like me, having a nice quiet evening probably consisting of watching horror movies and...
  18. babyemo

    Halloween 2011

    It seems we have no Halloween thread for this year. Let this be it. Best Costume Ever
  19. GreeneQueen

    Happy Halloween! What ARE you today?!

    Just like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! How many are getting dressed up this year? Any cool plans? I am staying home and passing out goodies, but I decided to dress up, too! Nothing too fancy... just a classic witch. ;-)
  20. D


    Okay, so, at least where I am, It's almost the favorite time of year for kids... Halloween! And Halloween has... gag gifts! Doesn't it? Well, I was going to buy diapers and say it was a gag gift for somebody, i was 99% done with my plan, I picked them up and put them right back down. I chickened...