1. Cthulhu

    Is shaving back there a good idea?

    I will be home alone for a week starting tomorrow (first time wearing in 5 months!), so i will be wearing every night and as much as possible during the days. It's impossible for me to clean up after #2 without taking a shower, because of the hair back there. I've thought about shaving, but i'm...
  2. Bear85

    Laser hair removal

    So I decided to book in to have a consultation for laser hair removal (tomorrow) and they said they can start the treatment that day if all is well.... but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this experience or know someone that has? apologies if TMI but I'm looking at getting my anus...
  3. SBLeslie

    Do you use a wig or natural hair?

    I'm wondering, who here uses wigs and who grows their hair out? I grew mine out. Took me a few years, but now it's a few inches past my shoulders. I've been called ma'am while not even dressed up before!
  4. Talula

    What's your morning routine?

    Well, it's as simple as that? Do you eat breakfast? What time do you wake up at? Do you shower/bathe or do you leave that for the evening? How long do you spend on each task? Can you not move until you've got a dose of caffeine into you? My routine is pretty simple, I can get ready most...
  5. NikonFilmPhotog

    Question On Incontinent Shaving

    In my studying and reading online it is recommended that you shave your hair when wearing to prevent odors being absorbed into the hairs. Do those of you that are incontinent keep clean shaven all of the time to stop any possible smell absorption or is it really not needed?
  6. betagame


    Poll: Straight Curly Wavy Please post whether you have a combination. Thanks.