hair removal

  1. Bear85

    Laser hair removal

    So I decided to book in to have a consultation for laser hair removal (tomorrow) and they said they can start the treatment that day if all is well.... but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this experience or know someone that has? apologies if TMI but I'm looking at getting my anus...
  2. MatalicPebble


    I know there is a thread on hair removal but it is more for the permanent hair removal. I would like to know how I should continue shaving. I just shaved my legs and a few other places. I used an electric shaver first and then I used a normal razor. I used rubbing alcohol to make sure that the...
  3. tadhgaby

    Curious about experiences with Inhibitif hair removal

    Yesterday I saw an ad of TV for this product called 'inhibitif'. It is a liquid spray that is intended to inhibit the growth of hair in a matter of weeks. I picked up a bottle to give it a try and will report back, but I was curious if others have used it or their experiences with it. As an aby...
  4. EmilyAdella

    Another Hair removal options thread help please

    Anyone have experience with specialty pubic razors meant for down their and under arms etc. I am asking as I have been using a trimmer and regular razor their for a while, yes a separate set than ones for my face. But I would like to be barer(?) and softer than what those solutions have been...