1. D

    Sucking Fingers

    If either of my hands is idle for a long time, I tend to start sucking on one of the fingers of said hand (except my thumbs, ironically). It's a normal habit for me, but does anyone else do this? And if so, is it normal for you or is it connected to being AB/DL?
  2. AstroDL

    I need help in understanding my babyish habit.(My Blankie)

    When I was a toddler my grandmother gave me my first blankie. Since then I have developed the habit of rubbing the edges of the blankie between my fingers. I tried to understand why this was happening, focusing more on how it makes me feel comfortable. Along with that, there's an accompanying...
  3. J

    Quitting being DL?

    Ok, I decided to quit this habit, I once believed that it is abnormal and weird and wanted the urge to wear a nappy to go away, I then got to wear one and accepted it. Now I have gone back to my original feelings and through out my remaining unused stash of nappies and recycled the metal box...