1. GoodnitesXL21

    Guys and erection issues with diapers

    So I'm curious, regardless of why you wear, how much of an issue are erections for you? When I first started wearing at 12, and through my early teens it was quite annoying because I would often get one putting my Goodnites on. It would take a while for it to go away. It was even more annoying...
  2. M

    Hey im mike 14 ;)

    hey im mike, im from manchester, england and im 14. [Removed] im more curious then an actual dl or tb [Removed] and this is the perfect site for that :smile1: x
  3. Rawrzipan

    Girls to guys pants size conversion

    So, I am now terribly gender confused and was wondering; what is the approximate conversion of girls skirt sizes to waist circumference? Also, what should I do about it? Do I tell anyone? Do I hide it, and, if so, how? Do I show it publicly?
  4. Shadowhawk

    How do you guys (or girls) relax?

    I think there is probable already a thread for this, but who cares. How do you guys (or girls) relax? I relax by writing, wearing a diaper, and blasting some music. My parents have no idea how listing to Disturbed calms me down lol.