1. swimbutterfly22

    Salute from the Netherlands

    Hi Everyone, I joined this forum a while ago because I found out years back that I love wearing diapers. My previous girlfriend is the only person I ever met who knows I'm a DL since I'm single now and that feels kind of sad. On this forum I hope to find more likeminded people to talk about...
  2. Lewney


    Hey. :] I'm new here, i've been around the AB/DL scene for almost a year now and figured i could sign up here, i hope to make a lot of new friends and meet a lot of nice, new people. :] there's a few out there that may know me, but i'm new to the majority of you guys, so, hey there, nice to...
  3. S

    Kinda new?

    Well, a little about me. I don't think I really ever been on very much I made an account.. well just look at the date when i was younger, and now I have come back. I am a diaper lover, not a pedo, or a creeper or anything, not sure what all to put in my introduction. My name is ...