1. BabyMitchy

    I've got a mommy! (Our Guidelines)

    I thought this was interesting since after 6 years of marriage and being depressed off and on my wife has finally come around to being my mommy. The journey has been a long and interesting one and I am starting to write a book about it to help others deal with how hard it can be. We decided to...
  2. BabyRaimuneko

    Read this before you start a thread on messing.

    Alright everyone, listen up. I've seen too many people violating the rules and getting banned for not knowing how to go about posting this kind of topic, and frankly I'm growing tired of people offending my fellow ADISCers. In hopes to prevent any further misunderstanding and drama, I would like...
  3. Klokwork

    Creepy avatars

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of untasteful avatars lately? Personally, I don't like any *B related avatars at all, but now it's getting uncomfortable. I can honestly say that if I wasn't a TB and I came to this site, I would not think that its users are normal people (which is kind of the...