1. kik91

    Of Infantile Habits - Embracing the Fact that You Like Diapers

    So, after thinking a little, I've realized that I love ADISC. I've always come back here to seek support and be happy of being myself. That's what I've decided to post my book here, little by little, so you can ALL help me hone it before I release it to the world! I think that since the majority...
  2. ShortGuy

    The build of a new gaming computer

    I have just ordered a bunch of awesome computer parts! Hope to pick up the parts in some days or so. Just wondering if you guys are interested in me documenting the build as a bit of a guide, step by step with pictures and links to all the components. If so, how do I make the thread a sticky...
  3. ArtikSnow

    Complete Diaper Guide By TailsZelin

    Complete Diaper Guide: Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about...
  4. P

    Guide To Diapers

    Hopefully this won't sink to the bottom of the forums like a stone but here goes. I figured we need a place, I guess like a bible to have a comprehensive review of any diaper/nappy we have ever used. This can make buying new diapers, or first time buyers life a little less stressful. If we do...
  5. LeonSoryu117

    Mikeru117’s Guide to Buying Diapers

    Mikeru117’s Guide to Buying Diapers There is a problem that a lot of people face in this community. It’s plagued us since the very beginning of our existence, and will continue to do so for the rest of time. But, to save you all the trouble, this guide has been created to help you better fix...
  6. LeonSoryu117

    Mikeru117's Guide to BabyFur!

    Mikeru117’s guide to “BabyFur” The furry fandom, and the AB/TB/DL community; they are both known to the general public. Furries are MUCH more well-known than any AB/TB/DL, but the information is out there. Now, what happens when these two lifestyles, or fetishes for some, combine? Let’s take a...