growing up

  1. Snaps

    Growing Up & Online Friendships.

    Hello ADISC. My goodness it's been a while. My last post was 21-Dec-2014. A lot of you won't have ever seen me before, and would have never heard of me. I was pretty active on this site as a teenager, when I was full of hormones, and working out who I was a person. Truth be told, I'm still...
  2. Jdp

    Growing up in AB age

    Forgive me if there is already a thread, but I didn't see it if so. I have experienced in the last 3 years that I have kind of grown out of certain desires as almost if growing up. I have always been into bottles and pacifiers and blocks for the first 11 years of being an AB, but starting a...
  3. PCBaby

    songs that we can identify with

    Hi All, I came acroos this song today on another siote and I thinks it says a lot about some of us. I've also psoted the link in my blog. Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift LYRICS ON-SCREEN *HQ HD* Studio Version - YouTube
  4. B

    Favortie Foods Growing Up, Take 1

    Don't really think this belongs in the AB Forum, as this is just general information. Despite knowing well what we prefer to eat now when the clock reaches dinnertime could be different as to what we ate growing up. Was your palette limited? Were you a picky eater? Or were you open to trying...