1. R

    Whats your experience with group events?

    Hey guys, I was looking up group meet ups for abdl folk in the UK and wondered if anyone has had any expereince with them? If so, whats your story? Were they too sexualised? What rules did people need to follow? Was it an accepting atmosphere? Thanks ☺
  2. Bigbaby85

    ADISC Japanese language group

    I made an ADISC Japanese language group for anyone that wants to learn or practice Japanese :smile1: ADISC Japanese -
  3. Kid

    Religious Small Groups

    Do you belong to any small groups within your Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, etc? I do not mean just being a member. More of the small groups (eg., Singles, Elders, College, High School, Mens, Womans, Prayer, Bible Study, etc)? If yes, what do you gain from the experience? Share an...