1. ESPF

    Cleveland, Kent, Akron area group?

    As I haven't been able to find an existing AB/DL "support" group I guess it's up to me to start one.🐱 Anyone in the Cleveland /Kent/Akron area interested in attending/helping start such a group please PM me.
  2. A

    Should i make a babyfur telegram group?

    Is there already a big one or should i make one? Thank you telegram @Astroknot
  3. PrincessSara

    Trans & Gender Queer/Fluid & Questioning Skype Group Chat - 1st Chat May 31st 5PM PST!

    well, since I'm impatient, here goes :P Hi there! I thought it might be pertinent to set up something in the same vein for exclusively Trans/Gender-variant people/Questioning folk and see if there was much interest. This will not be limited to EC+'s, everyone trans/gender-variant/Questioning...
  4. Lupan

    Did anyone see this?

    A while ago on this show called "1000 ways to die" (I wasn't watching it but merely had it on same channel) then a bit came on about furries and it frustrated me alot as when they gave a description of a furry they must of had it off or they must be out to get all furries, as their description...