greeting enviroment

  1. betagame

    Going to Canada for over a week

    I am going to Alberta CA for a week to visit some relatives, We are planning to leave on Friday so we get there Easter Sunday. I will probably have lots of internet access there so expect updates. Any Dangers that I should I be aware of?
  2. betagame

    Going to Bolivia for almost 2 weeks/*I'm back now.

    I never say where I go so this is my first. I just did this so I wouldn't get complaints about me not replying to private messages, and people wondering where I went. Any tips on going there? Has anyone gone there? I am afraid of Killer bees, Kidnappers, getting detained, and false police. any...
  3. Eclipse

    Announcement of my Return!

    Hmmm where to start? I have so much to say so I guess I will start with I have officially returned after like a several month (maybe 3 or 4 months?) departure of the community. I left with intentions to never come back for several reasons that are not important now, but I did say some out of...
  4. P

    hi all from uk

    quick hi from the UK
  5. betagame


    hi, im betagame, i am a dl, i like subwoofers, home theatre, computers video games, second life and audio cables. i like wearing and using diapers, i see no reason on people not using them. but its their money. i live in san jose california, im am 14.
  6. JamesLightning

    Hey Y'all

    Hey my name is James I am a Diaper lover and I live in Georgia. I am 19 and I am a Freshman in college which I going to for nursing. I am single with no intentions of trying to get a girlfriend right now it is kind of a waste of time and or money. I would rather wait till I am out of college to...
  7. B

    hello peeps

    :thumbsup: im very new here my mate Craig introduced me to this , its cool , well im not sure what to do on here yet so im gona go for anuther mooch around, lyl evry1