1. dolecrush

    Any college ABDLs here?

    So I'm currently a freshman studying graphic design at Utah State. I was wondering if there are any other ABDL people on here that attend college and if so what's your major? If you're comfortable sharing, where do you attend?
  2. SlowBro

    HlpPlz! D: Graphics card acting up..

    So, I just did a clean install of Windows Vista 32-bit Premium and I installed all of my drivers; however, my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics card isn't showing up. And when I go into my device manager it has the yellow arrow by "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".... Help me. D'; I've...
  3. G

    graphics or gameplay?

    I was just thinking about this when playing my nintindo64. The graphics are bad but the game was ok. But i only care about the game play not the graphics. But if you had to pick one for a game you want which would you care about?
  4. baby_mike

    Need a Logo

    I wantted to know if anyone was good at makeing logos'. Well I need one that says DJ MONKEY. Reasin why is cause I have been produce music. I will upload some later.