1. SlowBro

    HlpPlz! D: Graphics card acting up..

    So, I just did a clean install of Windows Vista 32-bit Premium and I installed all of my drivers; however, my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics card isn't showing up. And when I go into my device manager it has the yellow arrow by "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".... Help me. D'; I've...
  2. G

    graphics or gameplay?

    I was just thinking about this when playing my nintindo64. The graphics are bad but the game was ok. But i only care about the game play not the graphics. But if you had to pick one for a game you want which would you care about?
  3. baby_mike

    Need a Logo

    I wantted to know if anyone was good at makeing logos'. Well I need one that says DJ MONKEY. Reasin why is cause I have been produce music. I will upload some later.