1. D

    Amazing google search find!

    Today I realized something when I was browsing diaper stores on google in my own language (finnish). When you type "aikuisten" (adult's), the first suggestion is "aikuisten vaipat" (that translates to adult's diapers). How weird is that?! It's exciting to find it more popular than education etc...
  2. tiny

    Google or Bing -- blind test -- which is better?

    I just saw a post on another forum where the OP said that they'd recently tried using the Bing search engine and found it to be much better than Google. I was surprised -- I tried Bing a few times and just didn't get as many "good" results. Anyway, Microsoft have set up a site where you can...
  3. Lutero

    Web Browser Ultimate Comparison-athon thingy!

    Alright guys and gals; kitties and pups! I've long said I will do this; but I'm going to start a poll for Web browser preferences and in a few weeks I will begin writing a blog to make comparisions of the top four browsers. During the down time; I encourage you to discuss why you like such...
  4. V

    How do'you like them apples

    Source: Tracked | Bonkers World
  5. DA360

    What browser do you use?

    What browser do you use for your everyday browsing? I did use Google Chrome for day-to-day browsing and Firefox 3.0 for my work related sites but now with Firefox 4 coming out and me having lockup issues with Chrome, I am starting to go back to Firefox as a full-time browser. I also use an iPad...
  6. D

    Google tracks topics from ADISC

    I've recently applied to have an alert notify me of any postings on the topic: Adult Baby. Since I have, I've noticed several times linking me back to ADISC. Was wondering what people thought of the exposure ADISC has to the general public if this occurs often. Obviously I am asking them to...