1. tykeboy123

    Medical/non ab/dl diapers ?

    I know very little about non abdl specific adult diapers as I have only used the ones I occasionally pickup at goodwill and that’s just a crapshoot because of my lack in knowledge, I hear people talk about Tena and I got some of those before from goodwill they were like a bluish turquoise color...
  2. Sitherus

    I might be a little diaper crazy

    I might be a little crazy when it comes to finding cheap diapers in stores. I see them I cant take my mind off of them even though i have hundreds at home and i still end up buying them. I was at goodwill yesterday and found a bag of 62 pullups. I know they suck but how often do i see diapers at...
  3. xtrabulk

    Salem, Oregon Goldmine

    Hey all, The Goodwill by Chemeketa College has a massive amount of diapers. Always, Wings, Depends with Tabs, Attends poly, Depends Realfit, Reassure underware, etc. I got 3 bags of 24/7s for...well, just look at the picture! I left 2 bags. They were priced the same as the Wings brand! Superscore!
  4. M

    Score!! =d

    So I just decided to run to Goodwill just to see what they had and I was look through the electronics and didn't see anything really tempting but then I started walking towards the cloths and BAM! there were 5 packs of Tranquilty ATN sitting there. 4 packs of medium size and 1 pack of smalls. So...