goodnights l-xl

  1. S

    Allstar Cheer Boy

    Hi cuties! Allstar cheerleader for life! I love to cook and do yoga. Enjoy singing and dancing. Also enjoy art and music. Avid reader. Would love to be a Disney Princess all dressed up :) Artsy and giddy peppy Goodnites size L at night for bedwetting protection and fun :). Always feel...
  2. R

    Goodnite Generics

    Hey guys. So i am just wondering what goodnite generic brands you know of in the usa or canada or anywhere, online etc.? I fit perfectly into xl goodnites so i am just curious as to what other types are similar to this? list them if you know of any!? thanks in advance!
  3. MellowYellow

    Pampers Cruisers Size 7 will they fit me?

    Hey I just recently bought some pampers underjams L/XL and they fit me they are really tight! I have a 31" inch waste 150 lbs 6'0. I fit into goodnights L/XL with absolutely no issues.:sweatdrop: The problem with the underjams are that the sides break on me if I wear them too long, am to...
  4. MellowYellow

    Salutations! AB/DLs

    Hello this is my first post and I'd love to introduce myself to the community. First offid like to thank all the viewers that checked this post I am humbled by the time taken to put the research in. I am student of the game of curling (with brooms and rocks) I am also an avid gamer. The games...
  5. onikitsune

    Goodnights New Package Size

    Just got back from a Supermarket. Every pack of Goodnights was on sale! Then in the back behind the L-XL 21-pack there was L-XL in a 26-pack. I saw new package sizes in the S-M too, (it was like 16 or something.) So. Does this mean that package numbers are being upgraded?! Finally, SOMEONE is...