1. U

    End of my diaper/nappy life

    Hi anyone reading this I have come to a decision to quit wearing diapers, in the past I had a partner who was very understandimg about being a dl and would participate by also wearing ,we would change eachother and such like and for quite a while I was happy and loved her for many reasons ...
  2. MorbidAngel


    When I got out of my last relationship... It hurt the person who used to be my Little Girl. In a desperate attempt to come back to me she left me messages calling me Daddy. Which confused my current girlfriend, so I ended up having to explain how I took care of my last girlfriend like my baby...
  3. J

    Quitting being DL?

    Ok, I decided to quit this habit, I once believed that it is abnormal and weird and wanted the urge to wear a nappy to go away, I then got to wear one and accepted it. Now I have gone back to my original feelings and through out my remaining unused stash of nappies and recycled the metal box...
  4. Vladimir


    I've suffered every day because of you. You piss me off, you depress me, and I am not amused. I just wanted to be a VIP, but no, Mighty Moo chose to put a secret requirement without telling anyone. I just don't feel like fighting this dictatorship anymore. Not only that, but a bunch of assholes...