1. T

    Older Sissies can redefine Housewife.

    While many older sissies are using current fashions and new generation clothing as their sissy expression, there are those who are bringing back the previous generation look... the look of the 1950's housewife. A good example would be the Househusband turned Housewife here...
  2. KittyninjaW

    I think I am part Sissy and Part Little Girl

    Hello everyone, To be honest, I think I am part sissy and part Little, Part Sissy, because I really like the subversion of gender roles, and wearing girls clothes and being dominated by females, but Part Little because I really like diapers and my clothes being cute and pretty, and I like dolls...
  3. KittyninjaW

    What do you think of my new avatar?

    Hello, It's me. I have a new avatar that I fell somewhat fits my neko/girly true self. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I feel I enjoy it. So what do you think of it? Also I am still not sure that I am tg or just a sissy, but I do know that whatever I am I am me.
  4. KittyninjaW

    Fedishes and stumbling blocks

    Hello, me again. First off, Sorry I haven't been commenting but i have had a lot on my mind, mostly college but there have been stumbling blocks along the way, however i have made it through, another thing is that there have been veaorus sissy/lg fetishes or whatever there called that kinda...
  5. T

    Diaper packages?

    Is it just me that kinda gets... "excited" over diaper packages? (just as side info, as some I have met don't know what I really mean) With diaper package I mean, "packages" of diapers bought in stores and such, in sweden (at the least) are they decorative, with children on front in diapers or...
  6. InTheOtherWorld0412

    A Diaper Brand

    When I was looking on tumblr, I saw some lovely and cute designs of hearts and purple circles and peace logos on a feminine nappy on a photo. I wish to buy these in the UK, where about and what is the brand? Source link:-...
  7. LuckyLilSailorGirl

    Found some sewing inspiration (SO EXCITED!)

    Hey girls! I just wanted to share something I found. :o I was on vacation, shopping with my mom at Macy's, and I found the CUTEST jumpsuit. And the second I saw it, I thought, "Not only is this thing adorable, but it would make a great sewing pattern!" Here it is! I'm thinking I'll just...