1. N

    Nappys wearing

    Hi .y names Russell I've been a dl for many years and never meet anger wearer to chat to and of course must be in nappys at the meeting either discreet or waist band showing be nice to be what I am and enjoy chatting about anything the only thing is I'll be wearing my potty so no stop gaps for...
  2. ABCelaenasWorld

    Anyone else a natural age regressor?

    My Abdl/MDLG space basically helps me everyday, I suffer from autism and few other health conditions, but I’m what’s considered a natural age regressor which means I’ll go into a younger state of mind without thinking, this only happens to me in situations, but most of the time you’ll probably...
  3. MajesticHamster

    What's your favorite thing to wear in your little space? (Girls/Sissies)

    I like to wear a dress, either short or long. Any dress will do. That and a cloth diaper.
  4. Curiousmess

    Greetings from Portland

    Hey all you awesome diaper loving individuals! I'm 24 M and a long time DL. I only get to wear diapers on occasion but have been using them again since I was young. I've had a lot of experience on my own and one experience with an ex girlfriend. I would love a chance to wear freely around...
  5. L

    Need Bedroom Decor ideas! :)

    Im Getting a new room! :smile1::smile1::smile1: Ever since moving out into my own property ive always wanted to turn my bedroom into my Little Space. Never had the chance before due to privacy but i can make it work now. Hoping to get some good ideas from the community!. Im wanting the room to...
  6. GoodnitesFan97

    What would you think if they update the Pull Ups for 2017

    Since Goodnites are getting newer graphics, should Pull Ups have the same treatment? I think every Winter i get awesome news about pull ups, and this year could be no exception. My predictions for updated graphics Learning Designs: Boys-Buzz Lightyear/Cars Girls-Rapunzel & Merida/Elena of...
  7. D

    DryNites (2015 New Zealand girls 8-15 with pics) and my story

    Hi all. This is my first post on the internet, so hopefully it makes someone's day (and hopefully more than one!) I wanted to buy the latest girls' Drynites in New Zealand, but couldn't find any good-quality images of the packaging and diapers, so figured I would post some here for people to...
  8. nezquic66

    New Goodnites - UGH

    I picked up a pack of the "new" goodnites this weekend and was expecting a lot. Well, I was excited for the new designs. Plus I could have used diaper again. I however was dissapointed with the new goodnites. While I heard they were stretchier in the sides - which they were - they were also a...
  9. lilkayden

    Girls sucking on paci in music video

    So I was watching a music video and this scene of 3 girls dancing, two of which were sucking on pacifiers. I thought I would share haha. The scene is from 1 minute and 3 seconds to 1 minute 4 seconds. It's a really quick scene. I would suggest starting at 1 minute and 1 second if you don't want...
  10. CommanderCrayfish

    Tinkerbell GoodNites - to open or not to open?

    I've managed to hold on to a pack of Tinkerbell GoodNites since several months ago, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to go and open it and use the GoodNites within, but I also want to just leave it unopened and continue to hang on to it, seeing as it's the Limited...
  11. MarchThackery

    Boys vs. Girls goodnites

    So I just bought my first pack of girls' goodnites and I think they fit me better. I'm male and I've always bought the ones for boys, but these look a feel a bit bigger and feel better suited for my anatomy (maybe because I'm older?) Has anyone else noticed this? Are the two really that...
  12. Rawrzipan

    Girls to guys pants size conversion

    So, I am now terribly gender confused and was wondering; what is the approximate conversion of girls skirt sizes to waist circumference? Also, what should I do about it? Do I tell anyone? Do I hide it, and, if so, how? Do I show it publicly?
  13. D

    Hi, I'm dldavey83. How is everybody?

    Hi, everyone! My name is Dave and I'm a 27 year old abdl who wants a lot of friends on here. I've never met anyone else who loves diapers, so I feel right at home here. My last girlfriend tried to get her head around me wearing diapers and she tried wearing diapers to, but after she did a few...
  14. Shadowhawk

    How do you guys (or girls) relax?

    I think there is probable already a thread for this, but who cares. How do you guys (or girls) relax? I relax by writing, wearing a diaper, and blasting some music. My parents have no idea how listing to Disturbed calms me down lol.