girl diapers

  1. JackCares

    Diaper Inculcation

    Here’s the first 4 chapters of a story I’ve been working on for a while. Commentary is welcome. :twocents: I will release some more chapters if I can get some positive pressure! Diaper Inculcation Julia O'Shea was born Julia Blair and was raised in Connecticut. Her father...
  2. Pokogirl

    Important Step Towards My Diaper Life

    Today was a big step towards my DL life. I finally bought the diapers I've dreamt of wearing since my childhood. 2009 they used to air the commercial in tv. Still now whenever I see the commercial I feel some kind of urge. Here's the commercial link --> I was potty...
  3. Pokogirl

    Difference between girls and boys diapers

    So, there is a diaper that I've been dying to buy. But the stores nearby only contains the boys version of the diaper. Until now the diapers I've worn didn't have any specific gender recommendation. What's the difference? Both look pretty same to be honest. Any harm in buying the boys...