getting diapers

  1. Blacksmith have you tried it, seems like a good place to get diapers

    Hi I heard about this website Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland and checked it out it is mainly in German but you can click on the English flag and have some of the important info translated. they offer a wide range of European diapers and also some AB items...
  2. EvanNibbler

    Getting to a store

    Well I can only get diapers if i use a prepaid card. I cant bike to a store to get one, so i need a reason for my parents to take me. I just went two days ago, but i didn't think to get one at that time. I really want diapers but have no way to get a prepaid visa to get them PS i cant get store...
  3. EvanNibbler

    First Diapers?

    So, what was your first experience with getting a diaper? Where from? How many? How did you get them? What brand? etc.... So share your stories! Oh, and please no accounts of "homemade diapers" or anything like that. Thanks!
  4. Bambusa

    Assurance Diapers: So bummed

    When it comes to everyday diapers there are four things I look for: Cost, Performance (in terms of one use), fit and appearance. So my diaper of choice during the day has been the Assurance briefs from Wal-Mart. They cost less than fifty cents apiece (20 for about 9.00); they are plain, white...
  5. cylenrii

    buying for the second time?

    well im running low on my first pack of diapers and i need to buy a second pack soon heres my problem though: the first time i bought them it was a litttle embarissing but i got through....ok i guess now i want some advice from people have bought 2 or more times wich im sure is most of you...
  6. Mitsukuni

    Bought from the Store for the 1st time.

    I bought diapers from the store for the first time today. Previously, I've been stealing my brother's (he has a medical condition), but he's gotten so much better at not wetting the bed, my mom stopped buying them for him. So I was stuck with about 5 (maybe enough to last 3 days) left over. So...