1. anon2022

    Similar baby diapers to Pampers in Germany

    Hey guys, Im working on extending my stash and was wondering if any of you can recommend some more baby diapers I could maybe add to my collection. I’d love for them to be similar size wise to the Baby Dry Size 8. Now, since I live in Germany I unfortunately can’t get most of the baby diapers...
  2. KimiWL

    Anime, Video Game and Sports fan from Germany

    Hello everyone, first sorry, if my English isn't that good. I am Kimi and I live in Germany. My desire for diapers began when I was a little kid (little bit later after my regular diaper time). After a long time of several inner crises I started to research about it in last spring and found...
  3. XLdiapers

    What is yoir biggest baby diaper finds?

    There has always been companies that have experimented with the markets and have introduced either large size 6's, size 7's, and even size 8's in their baby diaper lineups. Most companies that have done this are mostly private label brands. I am assuming they are mostly made for older...