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    Hanging in the southeast!

    Hey folks! I'm a 33 cis-male, pretty new to ADISC, and looking to get more involved in the ABDL community in general. I bounce around for work, but mostly end up in Chattanooga or Atlanta. I'm a DL but kind of a switch. I think? I haven't had much experience, honestly. I know my fantasies and...
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    Hello from georgia

    Hi hi! Not much for me to say. Im 24, 6'1, 250 lbs and hairy. I am a big nerd though, and would love to meet with others who like diapers near me. Hope to hear from someone soon!
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    hello from georgia!

    Hi everyone! I am 15 years old. And today I got my first diapers! (Pampers cruisers size 7) and I am definately a dl! I really want to find a girl my age to chat with. I am about 5'5", a freshman in high school, have blue eyes, long brown hair, and I love diapees and motocross :) any girls out...