gender identity

  1. RainbowConnection

    A Thought Experiment

    I'm 19, male. Now, I don't think I'm trans or nonbinary or anything of that nature (perhaps gender non-conforming, at the most, but who knows -- I was never one for titles). But I do identify with a lot of traditionally "feminine" traits, and prefer to exhibit a much softer side of my...
  2. LimeBloodedNoir


    Do you guys feel good if you were in males business wear/business casual while diapered? I dont know if im trans or not, but I LOVE males business clothes! I have really been experimenting with my gender, and Im thinking about binding! THEN I thought about being diapered in a business atire...
  3. T

    Glad to be aboard

    In public, I'm a big strong man, usually wearing high-vis yellow, camo print outerwear, and steel-toe boots. I'm that guy who's always wearing a baseball cap with a pencil behind the ear, a screwdriver or something in one pocket, and my Fastback II utility knife in the other. I smoke, drink, and...
  4. CharliePup

    Feedback Requested (Query?): Limited 'sex' options

    When I first joined ADISC, one of the things I liked was the diverse option we could choose for 'sex'; most forums totally discount transpeople. My partner (who is MtF) could be honest about both her biological sex and her desired one, for instance. However, now all we have is 'male', 'female'...