1. Xzanza

    Nerd Talk

    I made this thread for people who want to talk about geeky things; all are welcome!
  2. R

    New to this site, been wearing for a while

    Hey everyone! I have been wearing for a while now, off and on, but it's getting more consistent. I have had fantasies of being babied/diapered for as long as I can remember. Like a lot of people, I'm looking for a community. I want to be able to share experiences with someone because I do not...
  3. Scribbles

    At a late hour, and from a tired writer.

    Hullo and g'day to all who cross this way. Friends call me 'Scribbles', and I have been incontinent since November 2010 because of an odd chain of events resulting from a bad motorbike accident. A friend of mine suggested diapers, and I found I rather enjoy them. Quite a bit, actually! Aside...