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  1. OKDB

    Diapers on Display at Pride?

    Hey guys, so I have been performing locally at fetish clubs and fetish bars for a while now. I was wondering if any of you have ever gone to a gay pride event diapered on full display? The organizers are planning for a more adult-oriented event starting around 5:00 PM so I was planning on...

    West Coast Jungle Gym

    I live in San Diego and I have tickets for the weekend. I see practically zero reference to this ageplay conference here or anywhere. Wuzzup ppl? :)
  3. Lilmissblush

    Gavin's new job

    I held the slightly crumpled piece of paper tightly while I waited. I wanted to lean back but i was so nervous I couldn’t bring myself to lift my elbows off my knees and breathe comfortably. Besides, this orange chair wasn’t very comfortable anyway. I read the flier again. It said anyone could...
  4. crowza


    Hey everyone, I have read posts on here but never really registered until today. I figure I might as well participate. My name is Mike and well I am a gay mormon diaper lover who is also a longtime and current bed wetter. You might ask how are you gay and also mormon. I recently came to...