1. L

    Combat Arms

    So, does anyone play? (That must be the first ad I have clicked on purpose) If you liked CoD's multiplayer it's kinda like that, but not nearly as good graphics. But once you get into it you don't mind the graphics much because it's so damn fun. For those who may be worried about downloading a...
  2. Eulogy

    Advice on purchasing a laptop...

    Currently Looking for a High performance laptop, found two possible matches that I can't decide between... Toshiba ASUS Which should I get? P.S. Feel free to suggest another possiblity!(As long as it's not out of the 700-1000$ range by alot)
  3. Hex

    The sixth generation in retrospect

    Since we are now in the middle of the 360/PS3/Wii generation, enough time has passed to look back at the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation in retrospect. (Wiki lists these as the seventh and sixth generations of games consoles). Many of the games that were favorites at the time have been superceded...
  4. betagame

    Xbox 180

    I have heard of a new portable system by Microsoft, called the Xbox 180. Give me a link to the picture this one person got out of Microsoft that was in a gaming magazine [positive rep point for you]. Is this true? Is Microsoft keeping this a secret until the last minute? What are your...