1. Arenskunk

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Who here plays FF14:ARR. I want some fellow DLs and ABs to play with. Anyway here is my info on there. Server: Brynhildr Name: Sarn Darkholm Race: Roegadyn Current Class/Job: 34 Lancer/Dragoon Look me up. If we can get enough of us on there I will make a Linkshell.
  2. G

    Updating computer hardware on a limited budget

    Good morning! I want to mention before I start that I am aware there are perhaps more appropriate forums to post this particular question on, but I feel a stronger connection to this community and feel this is a more supportive and less judgmental one. So here it goes. I am currently a student...
  3. S

    New Babyfurr Gamer here!

    Hey there! I'm exploring the baby fur side of abdl, I'm a gamer and have Xbox one! Add me! :D Sir Wo1fie! Though if you have a 360, sadly I cant play wiff you! Also, with that being said, I am a new babyfur, so if anyone is willing to help explore this side of me, I welcome it with open paws...
  4. ShortGuy

    I am going to have a FUN christmas

    I bought a new computer in parts as a christmas gift for myself. And yes, I prefer to build it myself, that's half the fun :) I plan to take pictures during the build that I can post if anyone is interested.
  5. W

    Gaming Communitiy for AB/DL

    What is everyone's opinion on starting a cross platform gaming community for AB/DLs. It would be a good way to meet new people who share your interests and have some fun. We could do something like during the week it's kind of by ear. But the weekends we could do a massive community game night...
  6. Draxralin

    Anyone play D&D: Online or Neverwinter?

    I just wondered if anyone here plays Dungeons and Dragons: Online or Neverwinter? I haven't really played them in ages but it would be good to get a group together or something.
  7. Selphie

    Gaming wile Diapered

    There didn't seem to be a Thread for this so I guess I'll be the first. Heya Everyone, I hope everyone had a great Holliday weekend because I sure did ^^. Now that Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is now released, I decided to spend all three days playing it. While doing this, I did so wearing...
  8. LefthandedWriter

    Magic: the Gathering

    I was wondering if anyone played Magic: the Gathering here on ADISC and found a few threads last touched quite a while ago. I started around Lorwyn, stopped playing in Eventide because I didn't have any friends to duel, and then recently started again last year. Return to Ravnica was the next...
  9. Mukksa


    I've been playing minecraft for a couple of weeks now and I'm wondering if there is an ADISC minecraft server. It seems like it would be really fun playing with other dls and whatnot :) Is there an ADISC server?
  10. jter42

    Favorite Skyrim moment's!

    What's everyone's favorite parts of the game, or situations that have happened to you? Personally my favorite part has been Dawnguard and joining Stormcloaks to take back Skyrim.
  11. P

    Is there a game you would never sell?

    Do you have any games that you will always keep and never sell? Any games that are really important to you? For me it would be the Kingdom Hearts series. I have always loved the story and plan on eventually re-playing the games. So... what games would you never sell?
  12. S

    favorite console of all time

    I've seen a few 'favorite games' threads, and noticed there was none about the consoles we use to play the games. I figured what the hell, might aswell have a thread for the consoles. If you want to list your top 10 or whatever feel free. i'll even start. 1)Sega dreamcast 2)Xbox 360 3)N64...
  13. Argent

    DC Online Character Builds

    Hi all, After a bit of help on DC Online, since it went free to play I started building a character (aiming for something along the lines of a superman tribute) and have absolutely no idea where to spend skill or power points.... I did try for help on another forum and only got vague useless...
  14. JoeMiller

    What are your top 5 favourite video games

    Just curious to know what you lovely bunch see as your favourite games I'll start with myself obviously :) (series can count as one if you like) 1. Knights of the old republic 2. Mass Effect 3. Fallout 3 4. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 5. Battlefield Bad Bad Company 2
  15. Wiggly

    Morrowind or Oblivion?

    This one has been done to death, but I think it'll be interesting. 1. Morrowind or Oblivion? 2. WHY????? :dunno: I'll say mine later.
  16. Toddy

    PS3 Blueray player blues

    So lately ive been bored with my 360, so I was thinking about getting a PS3 to widen my horizons of gaming the only problem is the is so 360 is what 200$ right now and a PS3 can range anywhere from 299-399 which is crazy the only reason why it is so high priced is...
  17. KuroCat

    Favorite RPG's?

    Note: This thread is relating to console or PC RPG's. (Example: Mass Effect/Dragon Age.) Not board games. (Example: Dungeons and Dragons.) I saw no thread what-so-ever about this specific topic, so I set out to create one! This is the result, obviously. Japanese RPG's (Abbreviated: JRPG) and...
  18. Hex

    openTTD - a server for adisc members?

    So, who here plays it? I've seen a few people mention it before. It's one of my favorite games ever. For those who don't play it, it's a Tycoon game, like many others, where you build a transport network. It's free and open source (completely now, you used to need to own TTD, the game it's...
  19. T

    My First Anime Convention - in London

    Hello, everybody! I meant to get this posted earlier, but I kept getting sidetracked with other things. Anyway, here goes: I went to an anime convention in London last Saturday; it was the first one that I have ever been to. To put it mildly, I was astounded when I got there; there were people...
  20. T

    A resource to all who wish to learn C++.

    Hi, all. Tyrolva here. If you're reading this, then I'd imagine you'd want to learn C++. I decided to post this topic because there would be some of us that wouldn't want to spend money on a book that might use all manner of techie jargon and thus be tricky to understand. I was on YouTube one...