1. Angellothefox

    Anyone know any Let’s players on Youtube that do ABDL games?

    I was just wondering because once they used to be TONS Of ABDL let's players playing such ABDL games as Perpetual change, The Endless Road (Which was a text base 8 bit adventure game) and many many more! 🎮 Now a days they are hard to come by. Yes you can find stuff like Perpetual Change, a...
  2. LimeBloodedNoir

    ABDL Themes in Hiveswap Spinoff game!

    As you can probably clearly see, I am a homestuck fan! In one of the games, present, is HEAVY abdl and OMOrashi themes! Homestuck is a webcomic about 4 kids and 12 aliens playing a game to destroy the world and remake it. There is a game spinoff that takes place before the comic called...
  3. OriginalT

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Hey! I thought it would be fun to make a forum for people to discuss the new animal crossing game, post tips and trade their user ID's So far, I've had a lot of fun playing - especially in little space!
  4. tiny

    Fun 2+ player online game (not FPS)

    Hey all! I'm looking for a new game to play online with my friend... but with some fairly specific requirements (below). I just wondered if anyone can help me find a fun game to play. I was really into computer games in the 1980s(!), but since IBM-compatible PCs came along, I've only really...
  5. Angellothefox

    Has anyone made any babyfur/diaperfur/adult cub games?

    Has anyone made any babyfur/diaperfur/ abdl cubs mods, games, fan made games? I just wondered about it that is all? (Plus I can not think of anything else but to ask loads of questions tonight)
  6. Tylexon

    Computer games for little time.

    Was wondering if people have certain computer games they play when they go "little" I'm trying to get more into being little and I like gaming.. so I thought why not mix them... I don't mind if the game is console, handheld or PC... please recommend anything that would be good for a little to...
  7. T

    Twine game

    Hi Does anyone know if there exists any ABDL themed games on Twine?
  8. Tylexon

    Recommend PS Vita games.

    Hi all. I got a PS Vita and so far I have used it like 5 times in the past 6months maybe.. I was wondering if anyone had some good games to recommend for me ? I got Little big planet and Final Fantasy X, then a few little mini games.
  9. G

    I've Discovered ABDL RPG's

    So I was surfing the web the other day and I came across a game called Momsterous, and ABDL game about a succubus sucking the maturity out of a town. It was super fun to play but it was unfinished. I also played Weston Academy by that is also unfinished. So now I need help, I really would like...
  10. Sitherus

    played dying light?

    has anyone played the new game, Dying light? Apparently it was only available to those who pre-ordered it because it was under produced. I pre-ordered it and have played about 1/3 of the way through. I was forced to buy it by a friend. I didn't think i would like the game "just another zombie...
  11. Ian16545

    Changing time games and songs?

    Don't know if this has been talked about yet or not, but: Are there any songs you like to hear/games you like to play while having your diaper changed? Of course, there's the usual things: peek-a-boo, boop-on-your-nose, the Alphabet Song, This Little Piggy... But here's what I'd pick: Eye...
  12. VeoSing

    Games with diapers or wetting?

    Ok so i'm wondering if anyone knows any games with bedwetting, infantilism, wetting or diapers. if anyone knows please reply i want some answers ty -VeoSing
  13. Wazzle


    You guys, Smash Bros U has come out finally! Anyone else excited about it?! Anyone get an amibo or w/e it's called? Fav characters/ moves/ stages?? I'm having a lot of fun with the game, and I'm really loving the Wii U overall. I would say to anyone thinking of getting one to do it!
  14. Frogsy

    Hey PC gamers! There's a huge sale right now until the end of June!

    I have zero affiliation with the site other than downloading games there myself. I just thought you all might want to know that is running a huge summer sale. 75%-90% off. There are new "flash sale" deals every half hour so my advice is to wait until your game is on the flash deals or...
  15. M

    Android ABDL app!

    So this is a alpha demo of the up and coming ABDL Potty timer. For more info see Reddit and if anyone can assist here's the github. McEpicton's ABDL apps is where all future updates will be! Also feel free to share it this or the reddit page anywhere! Feedback is not just welcome, but needed.
  16. C

    Among the sleep

    You play from the perspective of a two year old. I know that there was a post about this game last year but, for a update there is now a demo for the game for all that want to play it :) Among the Sleep by Krillbite Studio » Try Among the Sleep now! (Playable alpha out) — Kickstarter It is fun...
  17. CSFox

    The ABDL Games / Mods - List

    I’ve posted this before on another forum, but I figure it might be of use here. Here’s my list of abdl games and such that I’ve found… If you know some that aren’t on this list, by all means, please throw them up. --------------------- The Sexy and Gratuitous Adventures of Blackheart the...
  18. havok22

    Team Fortress 2

    No thread for best hat simulator? Shame on you! Tell us your favorite class, map, loadouts, and show off your weapon (or cosmetic item) of choice. Maybe plan a match, or arrange a trade.
  19. SuperSecretFoxy

    Hi guys, I'm back. with news.

    Hey Guys, I've been gone for a long time now, thought I'd post a hello together with some other news. School started not so long ago(actually two months, but hey), and from the start I was busy. I started a course where you get to learn how to make video games, coding and art alike. In short...
  20. FievelandTonyAB93

    Any Atari Jaguar fans here???

    I was wondering if any of you guys actually like and/or own an Atari Jaguar and/or even the Atari Jaguar CD add-on because of its impressive, cutting-edge 64-bit technology that not even the 3DO or the Playstation could handle. I've got mine last Christmas and I really loved the system. I have 6...