1. ZetaSonic

    New Fairy Tale

    For those who don't know, Princess Maker is a fantasy-themed parenting simulator by GAINAX, where you raise a daughter over the course of eight years, letting her work part-time jobs, attending classes (for stuff like magic, swordsmanship, painting, etc.), participate in yearly tournaments to...
  2. ESPF

    Pathfinder on Role20

    I'm doing the prep work right now, for a table top RPG of Pathfinder, for 4 PCs, it will be Sunday nights, at 2200 hrs EST. PM me if you'd like to set in on this game. for the VR tabletop And we'll be voicing in Google Hangouts.
  3. M

    So I made this babyfur/ABDL/little Android game.

    I can't link it here, but if you go to the play store and search babyfur it should come up as "Babyfur Memory Game." The last app I had failed pretty bad and was a nightmare. Let me know what you think, please. If you get crashes, feel free to let me know but the only thing I get out of it is...
  4. Angellothefox

    Try not to wet/mess yourself horror challenge

    I do not really know where to put this. It dose not seem to fit in forum fun and it dose not seem to fit in diaper talk or adult baby little. So if anyone manages to find somewhere for it please do not hassetate to move it there thank you Angello. Some sceans maybe and will be disturbing to...
  5. ScaredyCat

    Casual game project

    Hi. As I mentioned before, I'm gonna make a casual game for Android and iOS (probably). The project is called "My Adorable Cub" (MAC) and the basic idea is that you give care to interactive talking pet, you can talk to him, ask simple questions, and do other things. At the moment you can only...
  6. R

    Favorite Pokemon!

    This has probably been done like a bajillion times before here, or at least something similar has. But I'll give it a shot here. :) I was feeling a little inspired by a meme I once partook of on DeviantART a while back, and thought I'd try something a little similar here for fun. It's a meme...
  7. KatelynG

    Daycare: An Interactive Story in the Vein of MS Paint Adventures

    I keep never making progress on my text adventure, so I decided to do something...different with the concept. Welcome to "Daycare", the crappily-titled story-cross-text adventure. If you're familiar with MS Paint Adventures, the story will progress in a similar manner, albeit with more user...
  8. Dubbybutt

    Battlefield Crinklers unite!

    Heya there! Does anyone play Battlefield BC2, 3 or 4? If so hit me up on Origin, my name on there is Dubbybutt.
  9. KatelynG

    AB/DL-themed Text Adventure in Active Development: Daycare (tentative title)

    I've been wanting to write an AB-themed text adventure for a while now, but until recently, I never put too much work into it. Yesterday, I spent several hours straight working on it and am proud to say I have the basics of the engine finished. I'll be using this thread to track progress and...
  10. SillyFox

    show us your computer desk space O3O

    All the other threads are locked so... Its time to feed in to that reposting of a post monster. Show me them desks! :U
  11. X

    Diaper in game

    Into Slave maker 3, you can train slaves and I created a add-on to Diaper Train Misty ! You can download Slave Maker 3 here : Slave Maker Development: Slave Maker 3.3.04c Bug Fix Release And the Add-on : If you have...
  12. BabyHeroSakura

    Link's Play Date

    Hello BabyHeroSakura here. I'm working on a story on the Legend of Zelda, it's kind of cheesy but its just the intro. Any criticism is welcomed.:sweatdrop: Link's Play date "Congratulations Link! It's a baby boy", the nurse held and cleaned Link's newborn baby covered him in a white...
  13. Kid

    Minion Rush - Baby Costume

    Does anyone play Minion Rush? One of the costumes you can equip your Minion with is a Diaper, Baby Bonnet and Pacifier! Fun and Addicting Game
  14. BabyMitchy

    Sword Of Shannara Game/Book Review

    I just finished this review and I wanted to share it. It's a bit long and I messed up audio normalization's slightly to be honest... But.... this is so shocking that this book even exists. You may have to watch the video to understand though.
  15. ShippoFox

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    I just got it from a Steam sale last week. Sometimes I love this game. It's very fun and addictive! It's hard to tear myself away from it sometimes. I've already played it for many, many hours! But sometimes I really hate it! It's so easy to get really far, be doing really well, and then just...
  16. FievelandTonyAB93

    Your favorite Sega Genesis game

    As a follow up to a thread that I posted about what your favorite N64 game is, I decided that I should ask all of you that have a Sega Genesis a curious question. What games do you favorably enjoy playing on the Genesis?
  17. S

    Favorite scary game?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. What's your favorite game that scared you? That includes games that aren't meant to be scary, but still had some part that creeped you out. Like those statues in Majora's Mask. *SHUDDER* Personally, mine is the Slender game. Holy tortoise shells of doom, that...
  18. NickyOmutsu

    Demon Cyber Baby - A ABDL Related Cyber Baby game - WINDOWS

    Hey there, I am Nicky and I am a DL with a little AB side :smile1: I have been working on a program what is a cyber baby, the first version is a little devil/demon but I was in that mood when I was creating the first lot of image for the software, the next version will be a fury version still...
  19. C

    World of Warcraft

    Got many characters across many realms, some of which are Kil'jaeden, Emerald Dream, Tichondrius, Muradin and Stormreaver. I have an 85 Warrior on Kil'Jaeden alliance named Kalduraun, and an 84 Paladin on Emerald Dream alliance name Cruven. I love starting new characters so if anyone wants to...
  20. captainpollution

    A question for bowlers...

    For those who go bowling often (like myself), do any of you experience difficulty when wearing diapers and bowling? Maintaining correct posture and my approach was a major issue when I tried, largely due to their bulkiness. Therefore, needless to say, I resolved to avoid diapers and bowling...