1. Anonimousdl

    what happened to the gallery?

    I went on today look for the gallery and discovered that it has been removed anyone know why it was removed?
  2. redtails

    Deleted accounts

    Me again to nag about a silly bug. The gallery doesn't delete pictures and inserted information of deleted accounts. Would it not be wise to (automatically) delete such things? For example: Member Profile - My Photo Gallery . As these members no longer have an account, it's impossible for them...
  3. redtails

    Gallery profile

    I always complain, I feel like it's my duty to make sure this website gets a bit better every day. When will the gallery profile page finally be fixed? It's been broken from the day I joined this website. No one seems to be willing to fix/replace it so far. I'd love to see it put to use. Take...
  4. mizzycub

    Photo Galleries

    With my pictures, I am only confident to put ones of myself in the VIP gallery. However, this means that my friends who aren't VIP are unable to see them. I trust my friends enough to know what I look like, even if I don't necessarily want to show any old regular. Is it possible to make all your...
  5. Darkfinn

    So Many Crotch Shots in the Gallery?

    Hey all... me again. I've been browsing the gallery and I can't help but notice the huge number of crotch shots. Please... people... I find them to be crude and tasteless. Take a pic of yourself wearing a diaper, fine. Blur out or cut off your face if you have to censor it. But please...
  6. Serendiapity

    How do I add pictures to the Gallery?

    Please help me.