1. SillyLiam

    What are your thoughts on the future of the ABDL community?

    Do you think that the community will become much larger? Will it gain more acceptance from society? Will it change in some way? I would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. M

    The Chosen Few

    So far I just have an idea floating around, let me know if anyone is interested in developing out this story any. This is my first attempt at writing any sort of Diaper Fiction. The Chosen Few Background/Introduction Let me give you a bit of backstory on how the world as we know it is...
  3. winters

    Kids like us???

    So besides me does anyone hope that their children will have their same interest/s or for that matter abhore them for having one of them if so which ones? Want: 1. Music 2. Math/Science 3. My interest in Diapers.....(I want 2, hopefully 4-5 years apart, so count the baby's diapers daily and...
  4. Jxleo

    Thoughts for the Future.

    Hello guys, just wondering, what are your thoughts about the future? To clairify, do you think it's going to better than it is now, or is it going to be more miserable than it is now? Are going to fulfill your dreams, or be in a depressing life? Are things going to stay the same, or are we...
  5. C

    What are your dreams for the future as an AB/DL?

    I’m just wondering what people’s dreams for incorporating their AB/DL lifestyle into their future are, and I thought it might be nice to share them. I’m not asking anyone to share their fantasies (sexual or otherwise), but rather genuine hopes for their future as an AB/DL. So I’m wondering...
  6. Dash

    Space travel going too far?

    The numerous ideas of space travel that the likes of Virgin Galactic and Bigelow are enforcing through the media I find quite scary when I think about it. Especially when we get to the extent that they have already planned, designed and prototyped the currency in space: Quasi Universal...