1. liltigerpaw

    Fursuits. Own one or not.

    So who owns a fursuit? If you do, do you like wearing diapers while suiting? I own a few fursuits myself. A personal tiger suit and a rainbow dash suit.
  2. Angellothefox

    Halloween is coming is it exeptable to be a abdl?

    One Halloween has gone please lock this thread. Thank you So halloween is upon us and is coming up. This is a perfect time to awsre the door in your big onesie or diaper with the excuse of this is my Halloween costume.:thumbsup: But would that be the case? is it exeptable to be a abdl at...
  3. Premetheus

    Here's A Question

    So if in the future I got a fursuit.... would it really make sense to add the diaper fur element? I mean my fursona is a match of my personality because I feel closer to it that way. No special abilities or strong differences, just me but in an adult (same age as me) anthropromorphic Great Dane...